The Learning Circle
Montessori School's
mission is to encourage
children to become
lifelong learners with
an enthusiastic love for
learning and respect
for self and others.


Nancy Characklis is the founder and Head of School of The Learning Circle Montessori School which was established in 1980. Nancy moved to Bozeman with her husband and two children in August of 1979 from Houston, Texas. She worked at School of the Woods, a Montessori school in Houston, from 1972-1979. In 1977, she and her family spent a year in Switzerland where she taught in the Intercommunity School in Zurich. She has over 30 years experience as a Montessori teacher and three years experience in the public schools of Connecticut and Ohio. She graduated from Towson State College in 1964 with a B. S. in Elementary Education and earned two credentials from the American Montessori Society for Pre-Primary (2 to 7 year olds) and Primary (6-9 year olds). In 1997 Nancy founded The Learning Circle Montessori Elementary School where she was the Head of School until June 2003. In recent years, the name has been changed to Bozeman Summit School, and Nancy continues to work on the Board of Trustees.

Robyn Dincau, Administrative Assistant, began working at the Learning Circle Montessori School in March of 2014. She has over 20 years of bookkeeping experience and has a Certificate of Applied Science in Bookkeeping from MSU-Gallatin College. Over the past several years, Robyn has worked with and served on the board of Directors of Montessori schools and other Montana businesses. Robyn owns a bookkeeping company in Bozeman, as well as two other local businesses that she and her husband run together. Robyn has two daughters who attended Montessori school from pre-primary through third grade and are now attending Bozeman High School.

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