The Learning Circle
Montessori School's
mission is to encourage
children to become
lifelong learners with
an enthusiastic love for
learning and respect
for self and others.


The Learning Circle Montessori School is a private school serving children 3-6 years of age. Learning Circle was established in 1980 and was the first Montessori school in Bozeman, Montana with Montessori certified teachers and an affiliation with the American Montessori Society.

The primary goal
of our school is to interest the child in the excitement of learning. Observation, investigation and discovery techniques take precedence over other modes of learning.

Using the doctrine and philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori, The Learning Circle Montessori School's mission is to encourage children to become life long learners with strong moral ccharacter and human values. With the school's peaceful non-competitive atmosphere it strives to foster an enthusiastic love of learning, respect for self and others, cooperation, independence, inquisitiveness, imagination and a sense of responsibility.

The atmosphere at the school fosters the growth of inner discipline and independence thereby helping each child to form a healthy, confident self-image. The school practices inter-age grouping of the children with groups encompassing three or more years in age span. In this way the children learn to help each other. but no child is permanently fixed in a group. The teacher is not the nucleus of the classroom, she is friend, confidante, guide, helper and resource person.

The Learning Circle has been an affiliate of the American Montessori Society as a Full Member since it was founded 30 years ago by Nancy Characklis. Our teachers hold a Montessori credential and some have degrees in Elementary Education.

Parents play a large part in our school community. Since school is an extension of the home, we encourage families to become involved in their child's education. Parents can volunteer in many ways. Classroom parent listeners for language area, field trips, gardening and cooking projects, material making, fundraising or invited speakers for our curriculum studies are but a few of the ways you can be involved.


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